“You’re wondering what's behind this two-way name ?

If you want a simplest definition, Run & Sens is the first training center for high level sport simultaneously combining physical preparation and mental preparation.

But Run & Sens is not just that. If we had to describe Run & Sens in 3 words, we would say Simple - Fun – One of the kind. If we have to talk about the services of Run & Sens in 3 words, it would be Performance - Healthy - Business.

The genesis of Run & Sens is mostly a story. This is the story of 3 former top athletes, 2 hockey players and 3 footballers (2 goalkeepers and a defender). Those two worlds are not often in contact and come together today at Run&Sens. It is also the story of two physical trainers and a mental trainer who have the same multidisciplinary vision of high level sport, and the same desire to share their expertise and their experiences with the widest possible audience. Nolwenn, Romain, Julien ... NRJ, even our initials have a meaning!

Today, we are very proud to be able to offer an innovative training concept for top athletes but also for competitors with all levels, we are delighted to invite all wellness enthusiasts to public sessions for funny working sessions "The head and the legs", but also happy to make the happiness of some entrepreneurs through different seminars, conferences and team buildings.

So what does Baouw! In all of this ?

Once again, history is built around values and encounters. And we have many common values : Nature - Simplicity - Technicity - Difference. These key words guide our respective dailies, each in our field. Moreover, give to our athletes but also to all our fans, an healthy and different solution of nutrition seems obvious to us!

One contact between Baouw! and Run & Sens was enough for a good chemistry to emerge, and for ideas to merge.

Today, there is a very beautiful and ambitious collaboration! You will find Baouw! products soon on sale at Run & Sens, but we save a few special offers for everyone’s pleasure…

Who knows ... maybe the surprises will be even bigger afterwards. We have a lot a ideas for this collaboration.

See you soon and have a good day to all Baouwers ;-) "- Team Run & Sens

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