Benoit Girondel, Ambassador #Trail

Benoit Girondel, Ambassador #Trail

Hi Benoit, can you introduce yourself in few words?

"My name is Benoît Girondel, I'm 31 years old and I live in Papelissier, in Vercors (in the Alps). I work in the train station of Valence, as a transit chief”

What’s your favorite sport and your track record that goes with it?

"I mainly do trail, running and also cycling. In trail, I won several competitions:

- 1st of the Diagonale des Fous in 2017
- 1st of the Endurance Trail
- 1st of the Ultra Ardéchois
- 1st of Transkakukera

I also participated in the UTMF (Ultra-Trail Mount Fuji, Japan), in which I finished 6th."

What events have you participated in recently ?

"I love my region, I did the GR93 Vercors Drômois in trail running, a distance of 91.66km with 4846m of elevation gain. I ran this crossing of 90kms non-stop and I really hope that it will one day turn into a race or a great challenge!"

Do you have a lifestyle that you aspire to? What are your sources of inspiration?

"The life that I live satisfy me. Maybe spend less time at work and more time in the mountains, but that’s a dream..."

Do you place an emphasis on nutrition in your practice? If yes, why ?

"In ultra-trail, nutrition is even more important than in classic trail if you want to finish the race. That's why I got closer with Baouw!"

What’s your relationship with nature?

"I'm in love with it! My passion for running came after. What motivates me above all is to be outside, to see the landscapes change over the seasons ..."

What are your future projects?

"Do beautiful walks, trips in the Vercors. I also plan to travel in different destinations such as Chile, Mexico, Guadeloupe, Colorado, Reunion..."

Baouwers, for real?

"100%. Especially with the team who created the project! Real passionate people!"

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