The Baouw! waterproof case

The Baouw! waterproof case

Springtime is here, and the snow in the mountains has slowly started to melt. Wildflowers are in bloom, with crocus and coltsfoot unveiling their first petals. This image we have of the mountains as winter ends and the long sunny days begin inspires us to head out on our first outdoor adventures of the spring season.

However, this idyllic depiction is often ruined by all of the litter that appears on the ground and alongside the now blooming flowers as the snow melts. Every winter, people discard – on purpose or unintentionally – literally tons of litter up and down the ski slopes. Both tourists and locals share in the blame. In addition to the fact litter has a negative effect on the beauty of the landscape, this waste also causes harm to wild animals that eat or become entrapped. Mountain ecosystems are among the most fragile and threatened by almost any form of waste. Clean rivers and waterholes are extremely important for preserving the local flora and fauna.

Baouw! is a partner of the "Everest Green" project run by the non-profit “Montagne & Partage," which has taken on the challenge of cleaning up the slopes of Mount Everest. The reappearance of waste from decades of commercial expeditions has accelerated due global warming and the 2015 earthquake. Clean-up began on April 18, 2017, and ended on May 23, 2017. The approximately 5.2 tons of waste collected will be transported back down the mountain by yak.

Locally and in France, the non-profit "Mountain Riders" organizes mountain clean-up campaigns every spring. According to Mountain Riders, "The 2015 campaign made it possible to collect 51 tons of waste in 105 different locations."

Mother Nature is the playground for outdoor sports, both winter and summer, and everyone should adopt the right habits to keep the natural environment clean. At Baouw! we want everyone to be able to fully enjoy the great outdoors and all they have to offer. Follow in our footsteps by stowing your bars wrapper-free in the Baouw! waterproof case. This will protect them from moisture, being crushed, and dust or dirt. Our case allows you to remove the wrapper at home before heading outdoors to run, ride, or glide (remember, of course, to throw the wrapper into the recycle bin). This simple gesture helps to preserve those places that you enjoy so much when on outings with your fellow Baouwers!

Picture by Jean-Marc Favre

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