The Everest Green 2017 Expedition

The Everest Green 2017 Expedition

What is the Everest Green Expedition:

EVEREST GREEN 2017 by MONTAGNE & PARTAGE is an environmental expedition to Nepal, a major endeavor whose goal is to clean up the slopes of Everest this spring, April and May 2017, from base camp at 5535 meters all the way to the South Col's lofty 7906 meters, along the historic and popular route on the Nepal side of the mountain that has been sullied by years of commercial expeditions.

EVEREST GREEN offers a unique opportunity to break with unfair practices, to raise the issue of waste in developing countries, and to propose hopeful solutions for the future.

"It is because nothing is higher than Everest, because this mountain it carries with it the world's fascination, that cleaning it up is so important. What is done at the top of the world will serve as an example for everyone down below," explains Gérard CLERMIDY, President of the non-profit Montagne & Partage, who started EVEREST GREEN.

This amazing expedition will start at the beginning of April; follow the adventure on the dedicated blog:

The origin of the non-profit “Montagne et Partage" (Mountains and Sharing):

"A few mountain enthusiasts, with different backgrounds and lots of experience either on expeditions or trekking through the Himalaya, felt that their beautiful photos or personal satisfaction were no longer sufficient in a world full of suffering. They have witnessed this reality in Tibet, India, Pakistan, and Nepal: at the bottom of the most remote valleys, in villages cut off from the rest of the world, with villagers fighting for their survival, with Tibetan refugees who have abandoned everything, in contact with smiling children deprived of all education, or in the froth of over-polluted cities that house so many disappointed dreams. In addition to the journey, the mountains represent one of the best schools of life, one of humility and sharing, and of universal brotherhood. This is how Montagne & Partage was born. "

"Montagne & Partage seeks to provide all forms of humanitarian aid to the needy people in mountainous regions in education, health, environment, economic development, and any other field where aid is clearly needed."

To find out more about the non-profit you can visit the “Montagne et Partage” website, which provides all information related to the association, its core values, and the various actions already accomplished:

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