The Maxi Race, May 26-28, 2017

The Maxi Race, May 26-28, 2017

This race series takes place in three locations around the world: China, Ecuador, and France. We will be present this year at the original Lake Annecy location in the French Alps. This event consists of 9 different races to choose from based on your level and objectives. You will find just the right distance to enjoy. Even as a spectator there is always a warm and friendly atmosphere when accompanying and cheering on the runners. The different races run around part of or completely circumnavigate Lake Annecy via the surrounding summits. Each format offers spectacular views and treads lightly through the great outdoors.

Here are the different race formats:

  • Ultra Race 110 km
  • Maxi Race 83 km
  • 2-day XL and XXL Races
  • R-Race 83 km relay for 2 or 4 runners
  • Marathon Race 42 km (Sold out)
  • Femina Race 15 km
  • Short Race 15 km
  • V-Race 4 km
  • Mini-Races

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You can also follow each runner live:

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