The origin of the Baouw Mascot!

The origin of the Baouw Mascot!

The mascot for the Baouw! Organic Nutrition logo has a very specific origin and explanation that we hope you will enjoy.

The name Baouw!, as explained on the presentation page of the website is the combination of Baoom, the onomatopoeia that matches to the burst of pleasure, flavor, and adventure experienced in the great outdoors, and Wow!, the exclamation made as your senses awaken to our bars' incredible aromas that are then amplified when they come crashing into your tongue and mouth's taste zones.

The mascot illustrates this explosion of flavors but also symbolizes our irreverent and and rebellious attitude to add a touch of lifestyle to the world of sports nutrition, which has remained rather traditional for some time.

As for the two small horns, they provide just the right touch of rock and roll.

So, what do you think?

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