The typical day for a good health base

The typical day for a good health base

First of all, remember that there are two types of nutrition, sports nutrition, what we eat before, during, after exercise and health nutrition: what we eat every day.

As you know, Baouw! Organic Nutrition concerns sports nutrition.

Sports nutrition supports the athlete in his future efforts, past or present, but can’t compensate a bad general eating habits, a non-healthy base overall nutrition.

Note that the opposite is not true: it is possible to integrate into your basic nutrition, healthy and natural sports nutrition products outside of any sport activities, such as Baouw! Organic Nutrition bars!

Bad eating habits cause gaps between the cells of the intestine, resulting in a reduction of its impermeability. Those toxins, gluten or undesirable bacteria, reach the blood system and cause overweight or diseases ...

For healthy bodies, only nutrients can cross this wall.


What are the good ingredients for a good health base?

Firstly, it’s essential to choose vegetables, legumes (beans, lentils ...) over an animal base diet . They offer a great nutritional variety, bringing you all the necessary contributions for good health base.

We often hear that vegetables are not enough to provide the right amount of protein needed, in fact, this is not true. Vegetables and legumes also contain protein, however those from animal are richer in amino acids beneficial to the body, than those contained in plants.

On the other hand, by combining different foods, it becomes possible to find the same protein quality as :

- rice with lentils
- rice with soy
- red beans with corn.

In order to avoid a loss of nutrients beneficial for your health base due to the preservation of food, it is necessary to eat seasonal products. In addition, our body doesn’t have the same needs in Winter as in Summer, and seasonal fruits or vegetables will satisfy better these different needs.

Thirdly, it is important to control the glycemic index (I.G.) to avoid weight gain and slouching. For more information on this subject, you can read our previous article: "Glucose and fructose syrups, what is it? "

A second important notion that you can already find in our previous articles, concerns unprocessed or raw food, you can find more about this in our previous article: "Raw Cooking?"

Finally, we must respect the principles of chrono nutrition: eat fat and protein products early in the day and carbohydrate products at the end of the day.Regarding seasonal fruits and vegetables, your body doesn’t need the same nutrients in Summer as in Winter, because the needs for a proper function of the body are not the same depending on moment during the day.

The typical day for a good health base? (example)

Breakfast: One avocado, two eggs with whole meal bread (low GI), seasonal fruit and tea

Lunch: A vegetable pie or some meat, raw vegetables and seasonal fruits

In snacks: A Baouw! Organic Nutrition bar! or a seasonal fruit ... but the bar is better ;o)

At dinner: A vegetable soup or some starchy

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