Quinoa - Pistachio - Lime

Savory bars with veggies

This "all green," slightly salty recipe, with a tang of lime, verbena and fennel, will provide you with a refreshing source of energy.

The ingredients are gluten free, vegan and raw. Our bars are all made in French Alps. Without dairy or cereals, Baouw! Bars are fulfilling and easy to digest. Our products are made with all natural ingredients and without added sugars to ensure your performance without any glycemia peaks.

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sunflower protein

Sunflower protein

acacia fiber

Acacia fiber 



olive oil

Olive oil

guérande salt

Guérande salt





Les barres sont assemblées dans les Alpes de Haute Provence dans un atelier éco certifié.

Les alpes



Dates*, pistachios* 16.7%, quinoa flour* 9.1%, apple*, sunflower protein*, acacia fiber*, lime* 3%, natural pistachio flavor*, olive oil*, Guérande salt 1.5%, verbena*, fennel*. *Ingredients from organic farming.

Our ingredients do not contain gluten. However, traces of gluten may appear during the manufacturing process. Our bars are made in the French Alps (specifically the Alpes de Haute Provence) in an eco-certified factory. 


Our bars are made with unrefined raw ingredients with a low glycemic index. This means better control over the overall glucose supplied and less risk of your blood sugar levels dropping (aka "bonking"). No cereal grains, no oats, no potato starch, no refined sugars, no glucose syrup, no fructose, no dextrose, and no inverted sugar syrup. The sugar in our bars comes almost entirely from fruit (low glycemic index) and exclusively from the fruits in our 6 recipes.


A portion of the energy supplied from our bars comes from high-quality lipids. Our bars are rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids (almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, cashews) and insure optimal cellular, cerebral, and muscular function. Our bars do not contain any palm oil. 


Our bars are naturally rich in proteins (pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts, cashews) and reinforced with organic sunflower seed protein.

Vitamins et minerals

Our bars are naturally rich in vitamins and minerals: vitamin E, vitamin A, magnesium, phosphorous…

For 100gFor 1 bar (30g)
Energy 1461,5 kJ / 348,5 Kcal 438,4 kJ / 104,5 Kcal
Fats 11,3 g 3,4 g
including satured fats 2,0 g 0,6 g
Carbohydrates 47,3 g 14,18 g
including sugars 38,1 g 11,4 g
Fiber 10,6 g 3,2 g
Protein 9,0 g 2,7 g
Salt 1,52 g 0,45 g


All of our products take into consideration gender, type of sport, and nutritional needs based on intensity and type of effort.

Our ENDURANCE bars are ideally suited for a long, medium-intensity effort. These bars offer higher levels of lipids and proteins (10% to 20% more than our Performance bars) from "good fats" (almonds, hazelnuts, cashews).

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