Salty Explore Box


The Explore Box provides a delicious introduction to Baouw’s gourmet world, combining novel, high-quality all-natural ingredients, with a carefully calculated supply of energy. Highly nutritious, organic, gluten free and dairy-free nutrition for athletic adventures that are made with no refined sugars and taste great!

The fruit Explore Box contains 4 gourmet bars:

- One Sweet Potato - Cashew - Curry (30g)

- One Carrot - Pumpkin Seed - Coco (30g)

- One Beetroot - Almond - Espelette Chili (30g)

- One Quinoa - Pistachio - Lime (30g)

You will also undoubtedly enjoy our fruity bars with the Fruity Explore Box ! 

Price :
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Le casting

Our “never bonk again” bars
Chock full of raw, all-natural energy, and with no added sugars, Baouw! bars keep you moving strong without the typical sugar high or subsequent “bonk”.

Extremely easy to digest
Our dairy-free and gluten-free Baouw! bars are satiating and easy to digest.

Gourmet recipes
The all- organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and oilseeds, spices, flowers (meadowsweet, hibiscus…) are carefully selected by Yoan Conte, our relentless award-winning chef, for an astonishing explosion of flavors and tastes.

Energy to take with you anywhere
Easy to carry (in your backpack, in your shorts pocket when trail running, in your handbag for a midday snack) and easy to grab and chew while on the move, Baouw! bars are always ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Bars made in the Alps
Your Baouw! bars are created and made in the French Alps, where the entire team lives and where the first prototypes were tested. They have since taken off to experience adventures just about anywhere you can run, swim, hike, ski, skate, surf, or take a walk in the forest. In other words, adventures of all kinds, both big and small.

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