The expertise of sports nutrition

"All-natural energy tested by athletes and made for everyone."

Baouw? A well-balanced supply of energy, “ultra” easy to digest, and so tasty! This 100% organic, gluten free, dairy free, and gourmet source of the amount of energy you need, is made with high-quality ingredients, a touch of audacity, an expertise in sports nutrition, and an incredible variety of tastes…

Baouw! is a brand originally created for endurance sports. Based on the stringent demands of a nutrition expert well-versed scientific research, and the quest for gourmet flavors by our award-wining chef (two Michelin stars), Baouw! now embodies an entire world of sports and the great outdoors that now goes well beyond the simple “snack”. Not only is it so good, but it’s healthy, too!

Gilles Galoux, Yoann Conte et Benoit NaveGilles Galoux, Yoann Conte and Benoit Nave