It all started ...

In the fall of 2012, when Gilles and Rémi met during the third edition of the "European Outdoor Forum" in Annecy, France and decided to join forces to develop a revolutionary concept in sports nutrition. Both had come to the conclusion that the energy bars on the market proved insufficient during their weekly outings in the mountains or in the ocean, and that they were unable to keep their blood sugar levels from spiking and then crashing (the well-known "bonk"). The pair decided to embark on an adventure to change the world of sports nutrition, to change eating habits for athletes, and to associate great taste with the joy of being in the great outdoors.

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Now partners in crime, they seek to create nutritional products in line with their core values as well as their health, wellness, and recreation-focused approach to outdoor sports.


Meeting Yoann Conte

One of the focal points for Remi and Gilles was to provide a touch of gourmet cooking to the project. Why shouldn't sports nutrition products be cooked well and taste good?

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Yoann offered up his talent as an award-winning chef and his ability to enhance simple and all-natural ingredients.


Meeting Benoit Nave

When Benoit, a talented and incredibly knowledgeable osteopath, started treating Rémi, he proposed a different approach to diet and eating. The two immediately got along. Once the Baouw! Organic Nutrition project matured...

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...Gilles and Rémi turned to Benoit to ask him to be an integral part of the project and bring his professional, medical, and athletic experience to the table to improve on the original idea and product design. Benoit found the project more than appealing and agreed to join the adventure.

2014 - 2015

In the Kitchen

The chef's kitchen produced one prototype after another, with a first bar perfected and ready to eat in 2014. Consumer testing took place with amateur outdoor sports enthusiasts and professional athletes.


First round of funding

The company was officially created in September 2016, and the first round of funding allowed them to launch the next phase of development. First contact with potential organic food and sporting goods store clients were made.

The brand officially opened its offices in Annecy, in the heart of Outdoor Sports Valley.

The Future

Our vision

Baouw! Organic Nutrition creates and produces all-natural and organic nutrition bars using the most environmentally-friendly approach possible. Our goal is to continuously improve our process and reduce our impact on the environment.

Although we are always working hard to further develop and improve our products, we remain a cool and laid-back brand. Other cool brands with a similar approach and values that inspired us include Picture Organic Clothing and Patagonia to name just two.