Antoine Gaillard, Ambassador #Canoe-Kayak

Antoine Gaillard, Ambassador #Canoe-Kayak

Hi Antoine, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

"Hello, my name is Antoine GAILLARD, I’m 20 years old and I’m currently studying at the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) of Toulouse.I am from the “Ardéchoise” region and I spent my high school years in Savoie"

What is your sport and your track record that goes with it?

"I do canoeing since the age of 8 and although I keep a versatile practice, I’m specialized in canoe slalom. I’m double champion of Europe -18 years in this discipline, in 2013 and in 2015. I have several titles of champion of France, federal and university. In addition to canoeing, I also do running, climbing, skiing and cycling!"

Have you recently participated in events?

"The whitewater stadium of Pau usually hosts the Team France selections and has even hosted the World Championships in 2017. There is only another competition organized on this stadium every year, the Grand Prix de Pau, which I was happy to win this year."

Do you have a lifestyle that you aspire to? What are your sources of inspiration?

"Some stories make me dreaming, such as the life of Tony Estanguet, Triple Olympic champion in canoe slalom. He managed to lead his personal life in parallel, it inspired me a lot and will continue. Others stories like this come to my mind: I think of Vincent Lecrubier (kayak - athlete and creator of the company Sterblue) but also many outdoor sportsmen like skiers, climbers ... What they can live through their practice and lifestyle is simply amazing."

Do you place an emphasis on nutrition in your practice? If yes, why?

"Diet in sports practice is a fundamental pillar, it allows you to have the energy to express yourself during your efforts or to accumulate your workouts more easily." Good nutrition also has a balance that limits the risks of injury and makes us feel good about ourselves."

What’s your relationship with Nature?

"My relationship with Nature is important and growing, she’s our host and I feel more and more indebted to what she offers us, so I find it essential to respect her and to try to spread this message with future generations."

What are your future projects?

"In canoeing, my goal is to be selected in the France -23 team to qualify for a World Champion title or a European title. In the future, my goal is to participate in the Olympics. Paris 2024 would be the best!"About my studies, the INSA gives us the possibility to leave 6 months abroad. So I’ll leave for Canada in September 2018! This semester will allow me to discover new areas and do outdoor activities that I enjoy in different settings."

Baouwers, for real?

"Of course, nice to join the team and to be able to share and represent the values that I share with Baouw!"

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